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Tuition fees and student fees are set by the University (not by the program), and are subject to change.

Current tuition fees can be found here, under ‘Standard Master’s/Doctoral Degree Program’:

Please note that, unless on leave, graduate students must maintain continuous registration. One year’s tuition is comprised of 3 terms.

Full-time domestic graduate students can expect to pay approximately $1057 per year in student fees (including the U-Pass) and $264.63 for the AMS/GSS Extended Health Plan. Most of these fees are mandatory, but some have opt-out provisions. International students will also be assessed an i-Med fee, to cover travel to Canada and the three-month waiting period for enrolment in the provincial health insurance coverage.

The cost of living in Vancouver can vary substantially depending on many factors. A cost of living calculator is also available from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS).

Stipend Amount and Duration

The required minimum yearly stipend for a full time WACH graduate student is $26,000 (effective Sep 2023). This stipend may come from a studentship/scholarship and/or from the research supervisor’s grants. Other sources are discussed in the full stipend policy.

The duration of the annual stipend is normally two years for a MSc student and four years for a PhD student. After the two-year MSc and four-year PhD point, continued funding is at the discretion of the supervisor.

Awards and Scholarships

All WACH students are expected to apply for scholarships for which you are eligible, as a condition of financial support in the form of your stipend.

The following awards are automatically assigned to eligible students:

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G+PS Award Opportunities:
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Financial Assistance

Needs-based funding is managed by UBC Enrolment Services, Finances:

Each student has an assigned Enrolment Services Advisor. You can find your ESA on the UBC SSC, under the Personal Information tab (UBC Contacts).

The UBC Bursary Program is available for domestic students experiencing a gap between their costs of living and their available funds (including student loans). For more details:

You may also be referred to the GSS Graduate Student Financial Aid fund ( Please note that in order to apply for these funds, you must be referred by a UBC office or department (ie. contact Enrolment Services first).