ComPASS Competency Passport

The ComPASS (Competency Passport) framework should be used together with an Individual Development Plan, as a key component of the Enhanced Scholar Program. The framework is intended to enable student progress, and is not a graded requirement. The ComPASS framework can be used by students and supervisors, who should meet at least annually to discuss progress, set goals, identify competency gaps, and select learning opportunities to best address these.

The goal of the ComPass Framework is for students to be able to:

Demonstrate self-motivation and know where and how to seek help if you are struggling. The demands of a PhD program are acknowledged and the WACH program is committed to finding supports, when needed, to ensure your long-term success. The program hopes to enable you to develop curiosity, to find and plan your career direction, to attend required and elective scientific functions of value to your training, to embrace a passion for science and to share your enthusiasm for science with others.

An EPA is an Entrustable Professional Activity, or key competency, that a graduate can be trusted to perform in a given context.
A milestone is an observable marker or action that measures an individual’s ability. A student can be considered to have achieved an EPA when they have demonstrated each associated milestone.

Core milestones represent abilities that we hope all WACH PhD graduates will be able to demonstrate, whereas optional milestones are recommended if relevant to your area of research and/or career pathway.

The ComPASS framework was designed to be used by PhD students, but MSc students should feel free to use the framework to guide and recognize their learning goals as well.

In 2022-23, the WACH program will undertake a “curriculum mapping exercise” to ensure that leaning opportunities are available for each milestone, and to identify any gaps. We will be looking for student volunteers to help with this initiative. We anticipate that the standard program offerings (courses, workshops, UBC training sessions) will provide learning opportunities to meet the majority of the Core ComPASS milestones.