Postdoctoral Fellows

UBC postdoctoral fellows whose research is aligned with the WACH program are welcome to request WACH affiliation.

WACH postdoctoral fellows can:

  • Participate in the mentorship program, as a mentor for senior students
  • Present at, and/or attend the WACH 502 seminars (Tuesdays @ noon)
  • Contribute to or facilitate course lectures/seminars, with faculty
  • Participate in the annual research day
  • Apply to serve on eligible program committees

Postdoctoral fellows affiliated with the WACH program will also receive the weekly round-up of announcements, as well as notifications for relevant lecture and award/funding opportunities.

Your supervisor does not need to be a member of the WACH faculty.

Use the form below to sign up as a postdoc affiliated with the WACH program:

The G+PS Postdoctoral Fellows Office website provides a PDF Resource Guide and information on appointments, benefits, health and wellness resources, and professional development.