Prospective Students

Benefits of the WACH Program

  • Social: The program will drive the discovery and improvement of diagnoses and treatments of diseases, conditions, and health issues specific to women+ and children, benefiting these under-represented groups through research.
  • Cultural:  The program will embrace diversity and inclusion, beginning with a focus on Indigeneity, which will enhance cultural awareness and promote equity.
  • Regional/community: The population health research conducted by PhD students in the program will inform healthcare and health services implementation and delivery, benefiting the region/community, and society.
  • Institutional: The program will expand UBC’s interdisciplinary research capacity in women+ and children’s health sciences across the 4 pillars of health research, and align with current research at the Oak Street campus.
  • Intellectual: The program will create discoveries and understanding of issues pertinent to women+ and children’s health, and pursue new knowledge through research. Diversity and inclusion will also increase intellectual benefits.

Funding Support

  • The minimum yearly stipend for a full time WACH graduate student is $26,000 (effective Sep 2023). This stipend may come from an independent studentship award and/or from the research supervisor’s research grant.
  • MSc students will receiving funding of $26,000/year for 2 years; PhD students will receive funding of $26,000/year for 4 years.


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