Peer Mentorship

Peer mentorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between students. No special training or skills are necessary; mentors simply need lived experience that is relevant to the mentee, and to commit to sharing that experience in useful ways. However, we would also like to provide some training and structure to ensure mentors and mentees can have an effective and partnership.

Mentees: Incoming/first year MSc and PhD students (required)

Mentors: MSc and PhD students who have been in the WACH (or RDS) program for more than 1 year

Intake/matching process
Mentors and mentees provide information about their goals and preferences (using intake form). The program will match and introduce mentees and mentors.

Mentors and mentees will be introduced at the peer mentorship orientation in September, or when they begin their program in January or May.

Mentors and mentees are expected to:

  1. Attend the peer mentorship orientation, and complete the confidentiality and mentorship agreements.
  2. Meet at least 2 times for 30 minutes, from September to April (ideally at least once per term). If starting in January or May, this timeline would be the mentee’s first two terms instead.
  3. Attend at least one workshop or WACH social event together.
  4. Provide feedback for program evaluation.

Additionally, mentors are encouraged to attend the Faculty of Medicine mentorship workshop, which introduces mentoring skills and focuses on inclusivity.

WACH Peer Mentorship – Program Guideline

WACH Peer Mentorship – Mentoring and Confidentiality Agreement