Congratulations Piper & Samantha (World Challenge Challenge)

Congratulations to Samantha Martin-Ferris and Piper Scott-Fiddler, who won first place at the UBC World’s Challenge Challenge!

They will go on to compete in the World’s Challenge Challenge Global Final in June.

The World’s Challenge Challenge is a competition hosted by the UBC Global Lounge, which seeks to engage students on international issues and how they can spark social change.

Piper and Samantha’s winning pitch:
The Lifegiver Box is a complimentary, interdisciplinary, and culturally inclusive program that supports Indigenous people’s rights to health by choosing their own needs for their sexual health journey. This box includes sexual health products such as pregnancy tests, period products, knowledge translation tools, and Indigenous wellness products such as supplies to smudge and herbal medicines and teas to alleviate menstrual pain. 
While the Lifegivers Box main focus is on menstruating bodies the box is gender inclusive and we hope to celebrate diversity in peoples sexual healthcare needs by providing a range of products.
Our goal is to create a sustainable and low-cost program that can reach a large population and have a significant impact.